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phonegap 教程

这是应用平台的开发,如: Ios,windows、 android 等使用 phonegap 框架...

Wordpress 的 android 应用程序生成器

这个插件可以用于提取一个 WordPress 网站并生成使用科尔多瓦和 phonegap 的 android 应用程序...

phonegap 二维码插件使用实例

资源描述 phonegap 二维码插件使用实例 二维码插件已添加,具体调用可查看代码 目前只编译了android的项目。 添加android项目后,如果保存,请修改项目引入的cordovalib...

创建一个模板jQuery移动+ phonegap的Android应用程序窗口

Used to make a template Android app using jQuery Mobile and phonegap韩国三经典级片电影 on Windows systems. After making a template app it can build your app, load it on to an Android emulator, and launch it. Good for use developing simple Android apps....

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This phonegap android plugin allows you to open diifrent ebooks, it sends command to another apps, linked with this file type, for example PDF file will be opened in Amazon Kindle or Adobe Reader if this programms installed on the phone. Plugin supports: PDF epub fb2 chm umd txt html...


This phonegap韩国三经典级片电影 android plugin allows you to open diifrent file, it sends command to another apps, linked with this file type, for example image file will be opened in Gallery or another installed picture viewer, installed on device...


This code partners, with the phonegap project in Drupal and when used with phonegap will compile a native app in a choice of Android Iphone Blackberry This app can connect to a Drupal Site, post articles and display a view of articles....


Foreground Camera Plugin for phonegap (Cordova) The default phonegap (Cordova) Camera Plugin calls the native camera and this makes Android Garbage Collector to kill background applications. This plugin avoid your application to go background and be killed by Garbage Collector with other applicati...


GWT-phonegap This is a wrapper for the phonegap Javascript API. It uses GWT Rebinding to be able to run in normal browsers (with mocked functionality) Currently this is built on GWT 2.6 and phonegap 3.5 mgwt If you build apps with gwt-phonegap韩国三经典级片电影 you will be interested in mgwt as well. Its a GW...

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