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DDD-CQRS Base Project Using Spring and Hibernate Introduction Why poke around this project ? Because it aims to provide out of the box building blocks to implement DDD韩国三经典级片电影. Because it aims to provide out of the box components to implement CQRS Because you will not have to look into things like...

在PHP cqrs和DDD

韩国三经典级片电影Overview In it's first release, till now it was one and only release, OxyBase was just a simple ZF extension that offered not much - ability to split project in "domains" like front-end, admin and had integrated and ready to use libraries like Doctrine, Smarty. But since then I have lear...


Domain driven design can be most readily applied to stable domains in which the key activity is for developers to capture and model what is in users' heads. But it becomes more challenging when the domain itself is in a state of flux and development. This is common in Agile projects, and happens als...

DDD Sample用の倉庫管理システム

このプロジェクトは何? DDD読書会 in JavaEE勉強会の完了を受け、DDDの理解を深めるために立ち上げた、サンプル作成プロジェクト。倉庫管理を題材とする。 進め方 進め方を参照。 要求・仕様を元に、顧客ロールの方に...

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